AT HOME Holiday MINI 2022

Houston Lifestyle Photographer | Blue Treasure Photography

You’ve seen or heard the words ‘family photographer’ and ‘lifestyle photographer’ tossed around. but you’ve never tried it. You’ve searched online for Houston Lifestyle Photographer or Houston Family Photographer where they described their style as ‘documentary’ or ‘photo journalism’ or ‘story-telling’. You like the way their images look, but you’re really not sure what Lifestyle Photography is and whether or not it’s for you.  No Worries !

You know you need some updated family photos – it’s been a year since your last set were taken and the kids have grown significantly in that year. Plus, it’s always nice to have some updated pictures of you and your spouse. You want to get some good ones of the family that you can use for greeting or holiday cards, and you have a spot planned out on the living room wall for this year’s canvas.

So how do you know if you want to book a lifestyle session or family session? If you do try lifestyle photography, how do you know it’s for you?

What is Lifestyle Photography


From the photographer’s perspective: Lifestyle photography is more candid. As a lifestyle photographer, I coordinate with families in advance of our scheduled session to ‘set the scene’. We choose a couple of activities that are significant to them and plan our time more like a get-together than a photo session. Images are more natural – they tell the story of the memories these families are creating. They are actively engaged during the shoot and aren’t focused on the camera. Images are more artistic – they focus more on capturing the emotion than on capturing a portrait. Lifestyle sessions capture moments in time that are natural, everyday, and real.  Now, that’s not to say there is no preparation involved in a lifestyle photography. These sessions are often held at the client’s home. Backgrounds should be cleared of clutter if sessions are held at the home and lighting is key. Rooms with big windows are always a plus.

On a personal note: As a lifestyle photographer, I typically recommend lifestyle photography to couples or families with younger kids. It’s more natural, more comfortable, and a lot less stress on the parents if kids are involved. Lifestyle sessions are active, fast-paced, with a lot of energy and movement. They are especially popular during the winter months when families want updated portraits but the weather outside is… less than ideal. Lifestyle photography is also perfect for couples without kids who want photos of them without the feel of an ‘engagement’ shoot.   Since I always check in with the client before shooting – I find out what they want out of their shoot, how they plan to use their images, etc. – I can always shoot a handful of ‘posed’ or ‘set-up’ portraits for the holiday cards or grandparent’s gift if they need a few shots.