ABOUT Blue Treasure




Tiffany Smith (Maati Ra) 

Owner Blue Treasure Photography  &  Skin I'm In Project

Natural Light Photographer  | 10yr Professional 

"I enjoy capturing light in such a way that it reveals what is, a reflection, showing it’s truest self.. The camera helps me to be in the moment, Innovative, playful, linking mother nature with human nature. It's taught me a great deal about life, wisdom, and the present. Through every image, in every session, i can only hope that the images evoke a sense of inspiration, joy and peace for every client I meet."  

Blue Treasure Photography  provide professional photography services and luxury prints for weddings, portraits, small business and real estate in the greater city of Houston.  Tiffany Smith is known for her outdoor nature images using only the sun as natural light source.  Native Houstonian, Mother of 2 & also Certified Yoga Instructor.



Mission Statement

 We provide Imagery excellence, artistic flow and exceptional customer service tailored to each client.  We believe in creating a serene environment that allows our client to feel comfortable to reveal their truest self.  Individuality is valued, so we understand the art of unique photographic style, which is why we are passionate about getting to each and everyone of our clients to assure their vision comes to life.